Re: Spybot say REGFIX.EXE is a threat - why?

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Microsoft's servers don't seem to carry any non-microsoft groups,
do use the NNTP protocol for usenet.
If she checks she will find that many ISP/Business and even
servers carry the MS groups, once MS makes them public any Usenet
can subscribe to them.
...or archive them.
In a sense, NNTP goes beyond USENET and can be used
outside of usenet at large. Jen posting from there makes the
statement true for her except for the fact that her posts are
broadcast and propagated to usenet at large.
So *this* is usenet, but what she experiences is microsoft's
microcosm of newsgroups because of the limits imposed by
microsoft by only carrying their groups.
I agree, with this change - MS is doing their part on Usenet service
the facilities, they ARE using Usenet and have also provided a web
interface for it.

The NNTP *protocal* That MS newsserver uses IS NOT USENET, period. I
see you *still* don't get it... Oh well...



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