Spybot say REGFIX.EXE is a threat - why?

Why does Spybot report RegistryFix.exe as a threat please? I gather it
arises from a free registry repairing utility called RegCure, which
has a poor reputation. Over-hyped, useless, grayware, etc. Lots of
criticism found from a few minutes googling.

But I haven't seen a single solid piece of objective evidence (in
contrast to idle rumour and speculation) that it is either a virus or
a trojan or any other sort of malware. Is it?

If not, why does Spybot report Regfix.exe as a threat?

BTW, doesn't Spybot offer the option of studying *details* of its
results? A single word 'RegistryFix.exe' doesn't tell you much. In
some other programs I recall being able to read details of the
entries. Maybe there's a setting in Spybot I've missed?

Terry, East Grinstead, UK