Re: stubborn Keylogger !

Hi - thanks for responding, Richard.

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Castner = waste of time and space :-)

Please will you expand on that statement, Richard?

Anyone visiting AumHa will quickly see that he's the most prolific poster
there (day and night!) and appears to have an amazing depth of knowledge.

re: the key-logger, the first thing I considered was was flattening it
but, I do love a challenge, ...will probably flatten it in the end !

I've been just like you! Best of luck. ;)

I've made a bit of progress - since AVG anti-spyware quarantined
"dropper.small" and "Logger.banker,"
AVG anti-virus installed, (which it wouldn't before that), and is now
running a full sweep in Safe Mode.

Let us know how you get on.

A Panda online virus scan, earlier today, found two "critical" items but,
wouldn't tell me what they were, or clean them, until I paid, so bye bye
Panda :-)

I detest this kind of 'marketing' - there's no way that we, as users, can
know whether or not Panda is telling the truth. Have you tried Trend

regards, Richard

Cheers, Dave

"~BD~" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Richard!

I wondered if you would, please, ask Mr Lipman why he doesn't recommend
AumHa for reviewing HJT and Deckard's System Scanner logs. He won't give
me an answer, yet tells me that PA Bear *is* one of the good guys. BTW, I
noted that you never gave him - Mr Bear - the apology he demanded from
you! ;)

I'm afraid I fell foul of Mr Castner too. I got a funny feeling, though,
that there was a 'team' of people providing answers, not just one
individual (but all using the same name). Regardless, I may no longer
post there - at least that's what I've been told by Jim Eshelman! :)


PS With regard to your suspected Key-logger, I'd save any data required
and then flatten (remove *all* partitions) and re-install Windows from

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Big thanks, ...will do,
..(4) Kaspersky sweep is running on it atm, am tempted to terminate it !
...just what are all those "error : delete wrong pointer" 's ? :-)

regards, Richard


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