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My local paper has a column today concerning System Mechanic 7 Professional,
praising it very highly. It diagnoses the PC, backs up the registry, gets
rid of clutter, fixes security problems and defrags the hard drive. The
anti-virus program checks for the latest protection every hour, has a
firewall, and a Search and Recover. It works in the background to monitor
the PC without slowing it down. The cost is $39 plus $6 shipping. It did
not state whether that is a one-time charge or an annual charge, but it did
state that you get free anti-virus updates for a year, indicating possibly
that it is an annual charge. Does anyone have any comment concerning this?

I worked on a client's comptuer where System Mechanic 6 messed up the
registry and made the computer unbootable.

I fixed the problem by restoring the registry as decribed in Microsoft
KB article 307545. I then un-installed System Mechanic 6, but it left
bits of itself behind, including a program that runs as a service at
system startup: ioloDMVSvc.exe. That problem apparently exists in
System Mechanic 7, too, as described here:

I wouldn't buy the product, and I wouldn't use any automated registry
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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