BTE35.SYS Virus

Symantec found BTE35.SYS virus on a user's computer, but could not clean it.

I Google BTE35.SYS and cound not find any information.

This virus screwup Administrator account so that it has no permission to do
almost anything.

I tried to bootup in in Safemode and delete BTE35.SYS, but I can "see"
BTE35.SYS is still being loaded, so I cannot delete it because it's in use.

I tried booting off Windows XP PE CD and delete BTE35.SYS, but the hard
drive cannot be located, it's like the virus screwup the partition table or
MBR so it can't be loaded from Windows XP PE CD.

I tried booting off XPSP2 CD and do a repair, but booting off XPSP2 also
could not locate the hard drive to do a repair.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.