Re: TrojanSpy.Goldun --- Format=Cure?

From: "1234" <1234@xxxxxxxx>

| Hello,
| I have XP SP2 on an HP machine. I've been wanting to wipe it clean and
| restore to original configuration, just haven't gotten to it. Yesterday
| Ad-Aware found a list of items associated with WIN32.TrojanSpy.Goldun
| (Folder, Regkeys, RegValues, File C:\info.exe).
| My first instinct had me gathering removal information. My next thought
| was -- maybe this was a perfect time to format and restore.
| My question is this: Will Formatting and perfoming a Restore or Recovery to
| factory settings wipe the Trojan as well? If not, what else would be
| needed? Seems like a waste of time to attack and remove the intruder if it
| will die in the formatting process anyway.
| I've been using a different machine to change any passwords used on the
| infected one so none of them will be vulnerable. Is there anything else I
| should be thinking of?
| Thanks for any thoughts. I'm out of my area here.
| Ellen

If you were prepared to wip the PC, go for it.
Wiping the PC (format & restore) will definitely remove this Trojan.

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