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"John Aldrich" <maxxexcaliber@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1194535091.671746.311290@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We are setting up our first Active Directory in the history of the
company and my first AD in my professional career. We will be having 2
Windows Server 2003 machines as file servers / Domain Controllers, and
an Exchange server. We will be having about 150 or so machines
connected to the domain and about 250 or so email accounts that will
need protecting.

What would you folks on this newsgroup recommend, software-wise, to
handle that? I don't want a "network appliance" as I want something on
each machine. Call me old-fashioned, but I don't believe that having a
Network Appliance alone would solve the problem. I've got experience
with SAV CE, Kaspersky, AVG (freeware antivirus and freeware anti-
spyware), McAfee, and Panda Internet Security. Of those, I like AVG
and Panda the best, but I'm open to suggestion.