Re: Weird problem with XP

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"John91" <wanghaodong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:13kkmvhmlmojbb8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My XP SP2 suddenly got some problem, all anti-virus software and firewall stop working. Internet can be connected right after system startup, but lost within a minute. Maybe some virus destroyed something in the system? can't figure it out. It seems the system does not allow any desired "exe" file to run or even install.

Here are what I tried and failed:
1) Install a clean copy McAfee VirusScan. Halfway it got "an error occurred while installing McAfee..."

2) A friend says the Windows Installer may be missing. I downloaded Windows Installer 3.1, but when extracting files during install, popup " The system cannot find the file specified" - update.exe.
To work around, I extracted the files in a flash drive, and copy all files to hard drive, but error still comes up when copying - "cannot copy update: cannot find the specified file". The system does not accept update.exe file!

3) Spybot. Installed OK. But unable to run - popup error "cannot find SpybotSD.exe file (missing shortcut)". Checked the Spybot folder, the exe file is missing (system does not accept it!)

It's so weird, please help!



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