Re: Strange Virus Activity

Ty wrote:

Since Monday (10/15) 65% of my office PCs have been plagued by what apears to be a virus. The symptoms are:

- explorer.exe freezes for 5-10 minutes on boot up.
- the Start Button freezes when the menu is displayed.
- Office programs freeze or are slow to open (5-15 minutes).

We have run three different AV scans and nothing is detected. Running task manager reveals nothing - system idle process displays at 85-99%, memory is usually 30% or less utilized.

After 5-20 minutes, the computers appear to "unfreeze" but then run sporadically with marginal performance.

All this began on 10/15 so I don't think it's coincedence or random. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

The First Question Of Troubleshooting: what changed between the time things worked and the time they didn't? What is different about these computers? Any software/hardware updates? What kind of firewall do you have in place?

Please review the general malware removal steps here:

If you followed similar procedures, then you may wish post a HijackThis log on one of the specialty forums listed below (not here, please). You will be given guided help. - HijackThis tutorial by Merijn - another tutorial - Click on the HijackThis forum. Read the announcement and the stickies *first*.

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