Re: McAfee and Norton AV on the same machine?

Personally, I would not have either of them on my system - let alone "both" of them.

Are you liking pain?



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"Andy Bowles" <andy.bowles@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:t3q9h3pescgcdgpif4jip81r9c7b5n7cu0@xxxxxxxxxx
I want to have McAfee Internet Security 2007 and Norton Antivirus
installed on the same machine simultaneously.

Only one of the products will be enabled at any time. So, when McAfee
is running, Norton will be installed but disabled, and vice versa.

Will that work?

In case you're wondering about my sanity, this is the reason: I
occasionally have to connect to a customer's site by VPN, and the
customer requires that any machine that is connected to their network
have Norton Antivirus. Under all other cirucmstance, however, I want
to use McAfee, because I prefer it, have paid for it, and don't to be
dependent on my customer for product updates.


Andy Bowles