Re: How to completely remove Symantec Antivirus Corporate edition

A savvy user may get away with using a Corporate Edition without problems. The only version of Norton that anyone 'in the know' would recommend is a Corporate Edition. Having said that, you'll still experience the drain it puts on your system resources and should a malware attack hit your registry and damage it, look out, you've got problems.

My personal opinion is that Norton, McAfee and AOL (among others) are to be avoided. Having 'hands on' experience removing Norton from infected systems, McAfee slowing systems and sending them in boot loops and AOL not only being slow but installing unnecessary garbage 'free of charge' that interferes with already installed security software, I can't recommend any of them. It's amazing how smooth and fast a system runs after having removed them.

Should the Corp. Edition work for you, so be it. You're an experienced user who practices safe hex and has survived quite some time without issues. Kudos for that.

Best of Luck!

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Glad to hear that!! Now you can warn all of your friends to stay away
from anything with the word Norton or Symantec in it....LOL.

Been using Symantec Corp edition since version 7 and never had a
problem, over 3000 nodes since those days. Still using 10.1 and 10.0,
although I have seen issues with the reporting service on 10.2.


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