Re: overwrite virus targeting MS Office Documents

myerssl wrote:
I have a friend in a small business that asked for some help regarding a virus attack that happened on thier server. It looks like all of the MS Office documents and Foxpro databases have random characters in them, (we are talking about hundreds of files), and are not useable. All other files are fine (.txt, publisher files, etc.) Does any one know of any overwrite viruses that specifically attack MS and/or does anyone know a method to repair the documents/files.

There are a lot of viruses that do this sort of thing. There is generally no way to repair the files unless the virus just appended something to the code. Random characters would make it impossible. Your friend should 1) clean up the system; or 2) have a professional clean up the system; or 3) do a clean install - but don't forget to check all the other computers connected on the network; 4) and restore files from backup.

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