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I have AVG and I like it. There is a free version, but I got the AVG pro
with anti-spyware and anti-spam. People in the know here have recommended
NOD-2 or NOD-3, I don't recall which it is, over AVG. I'm quite happy with
It is NOD32. I have AVG on one machine and NOD32 on another. NOD32 seems
to use less resources.

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I just subscribed to this list so please forgive me if this question has
been covered before.

I recently subscribed to a new Roadrunner high speed internet service
since my old Norton antivirus subscription was about to expire anyway, I
uninstalled it and installed the CA antivirus/antispam/firewall software
that Roadrunner provides to it's customers for "free."

For a variety of reasons I have become very dissatisfied with the CA
software and I am now considering removing it and going to something
even though it will result in some additional personal expense. I would
really appreciate hearing any recommendations that you might have for
(and economical) integrated antivirus/antispam/firewall software

Thank you very much!

Now that you have RR, do you also have your own NAT Router (mistakenly
called a firewall by many vendors)?

If you don't have a NAT Router then you better get one if you want to
last more than a couple hours. The NAT router blocks unsolicited
(external) traffic from reaching your computer...

As for AV software, AVG 7.5 is free, I don't like it, but it's free.

Symantec Corporate Edition for Workstations and Servers requires a
minimum purchase of 5 licenses, but it's the best I've used, and I've
used all commercial vendors products over the last few years. Symantec
Corp does not expire every year, so that cost is made-up by not having
to re-purchase it every year - you are suppose to renew your maintenance
contact with them.

You don't want to trust Windows firewall, or any other software
firewall, since they all can open holes without you really knowing about
it or understanding it.

Get a NAT router and AVG free and you'll be happy as long as you follow


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