Re: How do I get rid of perfc000.dat ?

Hello Russell,

If you happen to have posted at forum on Thursday 9-13, please respond back on the forum. I just posted a reply there Thursday evening.
Maurice N
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"Russell" <fake@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OMKdnSBTZpEc5ETbnZ2dnUVZ_g-dnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxx
I am running Windows XP with Avast. I keep getting a warning message from
Avast saying "A Trojan Horse Was Found!" When I choose the "Delete" button
or "Move to chest", nothin happens, the message keep repeating. I can't seem
to get rid of the virus.
Here's the info:
File name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\perfc000.dat
Malware Name: Win32:Small-HNV [Trj]
Malware Type: Trojan Horse
VPS version: 000770-2, 09/01/2007