Re: New Messenger Virus called:" img0012-www.photostorage "

As an advice and preventive measure please dont click on anything esp links given off by you friends off the Instant Messenger we have seen same instance as yahoo messenger few months ago - better yet verify first with your friends whom you are chatting with if they indeed sent off this link to you.

General instance of this concern is you friends instant messenger was compromised and is sending out involuntarily the link to everyone in their address list once they are online.

For further inquiry and assistance - call 866 727 2338 ( Microsoft Security ) US/CANADA

"CharlyDeFrance" <CharlyDeFrance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:80143805-4285-4483-839F-57356F154805@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HI people,

While chatting with a friend via Windows Live Messenger v8.1 , i received
from him a message saying:" I uploaded new photos of me, check them here"
with a file called " " .....since i trust this
friend ,i clicked on the file to open it , SUDDENLY many windows of all my
contacts who are online has been opened automatically, and the same message
above that i received was sent to every contact.

So i quickly closed my messenger by Ctrl+Alt+Del since it wasn't responding,
coz i new that was a Virus, and i can assure u its new since i searched for
it on the net and in all Forums, and nobody talked about it or know anything
about that.

So, i searched for it on my computer, and i found it in Windows directory,so
i deleted it, but it looks it always reappear and causes my Messenger to send
messages with the virus (btw, the messages are not the same always, they
change from contact to contact, like saying "hey, just watch my new photos",
or if u don't check my photos i'll be mad of you" etc etc etc etc ).

So please, did anyone heard about this new virus, coz i really need some
help since i'm unable to Sign in to my messenger coz i'm afraid to spread it
more and more.

P.S: i do have the file as a Zip file in my Windows Directory if someone
specialist wants to check it.