Re: Is Microsoft aware?

Microsoft is but always active on this issue, from the 90`s virus to most current issue`s of adware prompting instances ( misleading products manifesting itself as a protection tools ).

sample among many action taken by Microsoft domestic and International to stop such

Also Microsoft has also setup and reverently pursued all out campaign and security awareness across the United States in different form of media e.g. as well as direct assistance support for all Windows users with security issue via Microsoft Security from home users to corporate users in need or those who have already security related concern.

As well as coordination with different security partners to better protect Windows user world wide.

Understand that Security is an ever changing challenge - a cycle/seasonal - spyware name comes and go they can change web servers ( relaying bad programs at will since they are very mobile - fly by night companies ) , and also the usage of the such instances as it mimic microsoft or windows - this is their scheme to mislead unknowing users - awareness is but a must.

For more information and assistance please call Microsoft Security - 1 866 727 2338

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Last week, I had a situation of a system infection by Trojan W32 Worm
Looksky which has left me wondering if Microsoft is aware that suppliers of
three software packages in the areas of Privacy, Security and Error cleaning
are using terrorizing and harassing tactics to pressure computer users into
buying their software, using Microsoft's proprietary Windows Alert box for
creating the impression that they are the suppliers of Privacy, Spyware
Control, Error cleaning software, recommended by Microsoft.

Microsoft's proprietary Widows Alert Box keeps popping up every 30 seconds
informing the user that his system is under threat etc. and asks the user to
reply if he would like to go to the SecureSystem software (recommended by
Microsoft?) website for removing the malware on the system. Even if the user
says 'no', the application page on which the user is working is blanked out
and the SecureSystem webpage is brought up. This is followed by
manufacturers of other software packages like Ultimate Cleaner, Privacy
protector etc. With these three and the Microsoft Windows Alert Box popping
up turn by turn every few seconds, the user is not allowed to work on any
application, since the user is kept unendingly busy closing the up the

These evil suppliers put their shortcuts not only on the desktop but also in
the StartUp group and the Favourites in Internet Explorer. Further, They
regenerate themselves in the same locations, even if the user tries to
delete them. SystemSecure goes to the extent of removing the user's default
webpage in Internet Explorer and replace it by their own home page. Even
after putting it back to ones's Default webpage, LookSky is able to remove
the default web-page and replace it with SystemSecure's web-page without

I did manage to search on the Intenet, struggling my way through the maze of
popups and download the Smitfraud Fix for the Worm. But I am wondering how
Microsoft has not taken any legal action on these software suppliers who are
using the worm to sell their products by terrorizing customers by creating
the false impression that they are Microsoft's recommended suppliers of
software for these areas.

P. Jayant

True. Several computer users have faced the kind of problem faced by
me last week during the last 10 or more years.
Also True. Microsoft has done a great deal to educate sleepy and
ignorant users like me to take proper steps to protect computers from
But has Microsoft taken effective steps to stop software manufacturers
like SystemSecure or UltimateCleaner from using Microsoft's
proprietary features like Windows System Alert Box to publicize their
products, blatantly giving a false impression that their products have
been recommended by Microsoft and in the process, infecting user
systems with worms?

P. Jayant