Re: Confused! :(

The simple explanation is that David Lipman got caught stealing programs
used in his Multi crap software. The result was his hosting site was
shutdown. He then put it on a foreign spam/pop up site that is beyond the
reach of the US DMCA laws. He is a thief and all you people, most of you,
treat him as a god. Leythos is his sock puppet.


Newsgroup Trolls. Read about mine here
The list grows. Leythos the stalker, David
H. Lipman, Max M Wachtell III aka What's in a Name?, Fitz,
Rhonda Lea Kirk, Meat Plow, F Kwatu F, George Orwell

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Leythos

Thank you for your reply. I copied and pasted the link you provided to
David Lipman's site into my browser (as I've been advised to do) and the
website appeared written in German.

Is there a simple explanation for that?

In addition, there was only that one ink on your *list* of tools, although
you had said "These *sites* are for downloading Anti-Malware and
Anti-Spyware tools, in order that I would use them myself:"

Did you forget to add others? TIA.



"Leythos" <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In article <#Xy4dgK9HHA.3716@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
Anyone here know anything about this?


Did you try GOOGLE?

W32/Pykse.worm.b is a worm that spreads via Skype chat messages. Aliases
W32.Pykspa.A (Symantec) W32.Pykspa.D (Symantec) W32/Ramex.A Win32/Persky
worm (Nod32) Worm.Win32.Skipi.b (F-Secure) Worm.Win32.Skipi.b

It took 3.2 seconds for me to type it into a google search and find it.

Always remember - only download files from Trusted Sites.

The following links will take you to vendors sites for Spy Ware / Ad
ware removal tools and also for Antivirus tools. After you install any
of these applications and update them, run them in SAFE MODE to allow
them to properly clean your system.

First, make sure that your Java is updated to the latest version:

These sites are for downloading Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware tools, in
order that I would use them myself:

Dave Lipman's tools:
Download MULTI_AV.EXE from the URL --


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