Re: I think I've found a virus....

There are no posts of you attempting to help others in this newsgroup.
Nothing but trolling and rambling.

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
|I am a threat to no-one, Abby - if they are 'good guys'.
| I see *no* posts of yours attempting to help others on this newsgroup. Why
| have you followed me here from Annexcafe, Abby?
| Perhaps you'll also explain this comment of yours - " ...... else you
| find yourself the wary one". Is that a threat to *me*? It sounds rather
| the wording in the email I received just before I involved the police
| 2 years ago. I'm just glad that the police are on *my* side and have
| me in my quest. As I've told you before, Abby, "The truth *will* out!".
| BD
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| "Abby" <sheer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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| > Are you threatening me, Dave?
| >
| > And I resent the usage of the John Doe Manifesto written in response to
| > one of the, if not THE, most catastrophic event the US has seen in the
| > 21st century. You should be ashamed to have used this to fit your own
| > purpose in terrorizing others who do nothing more than help others from
| > the goodness of their hearts. Particularly given the timing of the
| > anniversary of that catastrophe. Shame on you...
| >
| > I guarantee you, I am NO ONE's enemy. I am a netizen who enjoys helping
| > others and in return, I learn more about computers and the environment
| > the worldwide web. But, I suspect you would need proof of that...
| > sorry... I have none and don't feel I need to justify myself to you or
| > anyone else.
| >
| > Sorry you didn't see the humor in the post. Please do not threaten me
| > again, else you might find yourself the wary one.
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