Re: I think I've found a virus....

I am a threat to no-one, Abby - if they are 'good guys'.

I see *no* posts of yours attempting to help others on this newsgroup. Why
have you followed me here from Annexcafe, Abby?

Perhaps you'll also explain this comment of yours - " ...... else you might
find yourself the wary one". Is that a threat to *me*? It sounds rather like
the wording in the email I received just before I involved the police almost
2 years ago. I'm just glad that the police are on *my* side and have helped
me in my quest. As I've told you before, Abby, "The truth *will* out!".


"Abby" <sheer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Are you threatening me, Dave?

And I resent the usage of the John Doe Manifesto written in response to
one of the, if not THE, most catastrophic event the US has seen in the
21st century. You should be ashamed to have used this to fit your own
purpose in terrorizing others who do nothing more than help others from
the goodness of their hearts. Particularly given the timing of the
anniversary of that catastrophe. Shame on you...

I guarantee you, I am NO ONE's enemy. I am a netizen who enjoys helping
others and in return, I learn more about computers and the environment of
the worldwide web. But, I suspect you would need proof of that...
sorry... I have none and don't feel I need to justify myself to you or
anyone else.

Sorry you didn't see the humor in the post. Please do not threaten me
again, else you might find yourself the wary one.