Re: Trojans

Sad to say there is no general design for W32 infection after effects, but there are thing for sure ( quite common that manifest ) Slowdown in your system, ad pop-ups, lockdowns on your options to open some parts of the system ( access denied ), to the point it would say no internet connection - but it still does. - This instances changes depending on such infections some are as potent for 2 days or instantly some in the other hand takes a month or more to manifest.

Rule of the thumb to avoid such ( be carefull what you click on - video streaming sites ), and what you download in your system from music within folders to actual applications which the company you dont know.

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I have had in the past on my laptop three different Trojans (all the WIN 32 varieties). With the help of the experts from this very useful Newsgroup I have been able to remove them.

As I have been unable to set up the free version of Avast to automatically perform a daily schedule to run a scan, I run a scan once a week manually.

My question is, if one of these Trojans has been on my PC for a week before being detected what kind of damage may it have done to my computer. When I did a search to find out what kind of problems they may cause (so could not be on the look out for specific kinds of behaviours) I could not find any information. So once this has happened can you ever be certain your PC has not been compromised and is clean? The only change I seem to notice recently is a slight slow down in operation, but then it could be my imagination.