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Reformating the Hard Drive should be the a last option, as a preventive measure if you have some family members who love browsing the web give them or make sure to make them understand and use a limited account, than administrators - On limited account you still have a buffer zone ( you can pretty much do what you regularly do but you cant install things directly, which can make a difference if anyone in your familty or yourself was mislead by things while browsing the web, quite common this guys who make this "infections", use quite a lot the reverse psychology method in luring browsers )

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You mean reformatting the hard drive?


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My question is, if one of these Trojans has been on my PC for a week before
being detected what kind of damage may it have done to my computer.

The amount and type of damage is unknown without having the PC before
you've "cleaned" it.

A "cleaned" PC is only suspected of being Clean no matter what/how you
clean it. The only clean system, after a compromise, is a wiped and
rebuilt system.


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