Re: The newbie's dilemma! - WARNING

Hi Kerry - just HOW did you *do* that?

I'd just love to know how it's done! <g>

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FYI - McAfee 'Site Adviser' (part of the McAfee Security Suite)
flagged a Warning on the link provided here by Troll_Lady.

The link was copied and pasted into IE7 (not clicked upon!)

I'd strongly recommend discontinuing use of IE whenever possible. Using
Opera or firefox is certainly a safer option.

As a blanket statement this is false. IE7 in Vista with UAC on is safer
than any other current browser in Vista. Even in Windows XP some people
dispute that Firefox is safer than IE7. Much depends on the state of
updates for both browser's, the OS, and any browser add-ons.

A better statement would be to not blindly click on any links in any
newsgroups. Here's a fairly safe method to open links posted in a
newsgroup. I think this method would satisfy even Boaterdave's paranoia.
Read newsgroups in plain text so it's very hard to obfuscate a link. Check
out the domain in the link with a Google search but don't click on any
links in the search results. Start a virtual machine that runs linux or
better yet boot up your linux computer that is not connected to your
network and uses a dial up connection. Open an up to date version of Opera
with no add-ons installed. Type the text of the link from the newsgroup
post into this browser. Pray to whatever Gods you believe in that today is
your lucky day. Press the Enter key. Immediately upon finishing reading
the web page shut down the computer or vm and wipe it out in case it got
infected or the web site may have logged your IP address and passed it on
to someone who would use it for malicious purposes.

Kerry Brown
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User