Re: Can't stop a Zombie EMailer

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Sorry're still off topic for this newsgroup. This is a newsgroup
for discussions about VIRUS.

I am fully aware that I'm not following 'the rules' Fitz - but it is in a good cause, I assure you. :)

I'd also bet that at least 99% of 'visitors' to the Microsoft newsgroups, this one included, will click on a link provided by another poster (helper) rather than copying and pasting into their browser. It appears to me (and I suppose I may be wrong) that no-one from Microsoft itself actually monitors/polices the groups. No-one is responsible for checking that each and every link takes one to the 'right' destination.

Perhaps you have never even considered the possibility that some posters here may not be honest, law abiding, citizens Even those wearing the MVP badge.

There really is no way of knowing ................ is there? ;)


What is the "good cause" when you take away from others who seek help in this newsgroup about a VIRUS when you're talking about who checks the links, etc.? You're dealing with STRANGERS. Why WOULD you think they would be "honest, law abiding, citizens" and trust them? You don't do it face to face...why here? However, you do MVPs a disservice when you imply that they are dishonest. The original OP requested info about Zombie email. This has nothing to do with that. Even though the OP seems new at this (he prefaced his post with "I am assuming I am on the right Group." (good netiquette), he wanted "suggestions" for solving his problem. You're still in the wrong group for social networking.