Re: Action Plan!

I notice that you did not answer my question posed here, Li.

I've also noticed (assuming that you are located in the USA) that some of
your posts appear to be made in the niddle of the night/very early morning.
Are you quite sure that there is not more than one of you?

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Li

So sorry to hear about the loss of your parents.

Perhaps you will explain, though, why you have come here to harrass me.

My understanding is that Dave H. runs the server(s) at
Surely he is not beholden to you. Perhaps you are responding on Dave's
behalf - are you? Can he not fend for himself? I didn't ask for a
newsgroup of my own, neither do I want one. It was provided simply so that
you might try to malign and bait me, a skill which you have obviously
developed over many years. Perhaps, even, to incapacitate my PC as was
done last year.

I have been called many things, Li - but cruel is one I cannot recall
having been attributed to me. I love people and animals and do my very
best to help others every day. I sleep peacefully in my bed each night,
knowing that 'the bad guys' will, eventually, be caught. How well do you
sleep, Li?


"Troll_Lady" <TL@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
for myself only....
i lost my Mom in early 2006. she was an active member and owner of
support.cancer on Annexcafe. she slapped me all the time.

your comment, that she should have slapped me harder was uncalled for and
downright rude.
you are not a nice man, BD. not at all. in fact, you are cruel.

i lost my Dad in late 2006, do you have some comments about him, as well?

you want your own group? go to Usenet and search around for someone to
you an alt.boater.dave group.
search your Usenet group list for admin.

you will not get one on either AnnexCafe nor DogAgent.
those are my homes away from home. you are not welcome in either of my

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Dave

Taking your last sentence of your post first, you said in your message
on 29 July at 1849 - "You are the intruder/virus/Trojan, with your
"Crusading", attacking good people". I therefore consider that there *is*
place for me here! <g>

I will willingly make a public apology if necessary, but I cannot do so
until I have been told exactly what it is for which you wish me to
apologise. Perhaps you could start by explaining how *you* can tell the
guys from the bad here on the Internet, especially those posting in
newsgroups. Then, perhaps, tell me which good guys I have maligned and,
course, exactly how you *know* that they are good guys. Are you
sure - or just pre-supposing?

Should you prefer to take the subject matter of my quest (to identify the
bad guys) away from the public gaze here, and you are in no way
with Cybercrime and malware propergation, perhaps you will re-open a
'boater.dave' group on your server which is NOT moderated by anyone at
Debate and discussion could then continue in private. Some folk from
group might even come over and join in any discussion which transpires,
especially when I advertise any such new group here on the Microsoft

The ball is in your court.