Re: The newbie's dilemma! - WARNING

FYI - McAfee 'Site Adviser' (part of the McAfee Security Suite) flagged a
Warning on the link provided here by Troll_Lady.

The link was copied and pasted into IE7 (not clicked upon!)

Perhaps others with the PC skills to identify 'malware' could check this
item and report 'their' findings. Is it possible the McAfee found a false

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


"Troll_Lady" <TL@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Troll_Lady is NOT my nick on Annexcafe, as you well know.
a.. Re: 4 hours (10/31/03)
a.. Re: 4 hours (10/30/03)
a.. Re: 4 hours (10/30/03)
a.. Re: 4 hours (10/30/03)
a.. 4 hours (10/30/03)
just a small example, BD.
you want answers to questions that are easily found using correct

pay attention to the dates you find for my posts here and other ms groups.
so, who has followed who where?

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It would seem that there is more than one of you then! I'm sorry if this
another case of mistaken identity.

Instead of 'Googling' for the name only - I 'Googled' for "Troll_Lady

Here is an example of what was found:

Perhaps you will confirm that the Troll_Lady posting therein was NOT you
either. TIA.


"Troll_Lady" <TL@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
correction. i am NOT the Administrator at Annexcafe.

i'm sure if you did a google search, you could find many posts from me on
various MS groups over the years. long before you discovered the 'net.

i keep my dial up account for my email address. it's been the same
since 1998.

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Now why on earth would someone with DSL use a dial-up account to post

"Cloak and Dagger"? Good way of putting things. <g>

Troll_Lady - the Administrator at Annexcafe - has strayed far from home
monitor my posts here. I'd have thought 'she' (whoever the poster
is in reality) would be far too busy to follow the activities of someone
like me. I'm just intrigued to know why I'm perceived as being a threat,
either here on MS or over in 'that other place'.

Unless, of course, there really is something that they wish to remain
hidden. ;)


"Dustin Cook" <spamfilterineffect.see.sig@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I think I'm going to need some help with this task.

Any volunteers?

One is a dialup? account, the other is a dsl line. Likely the same
person... :)

I don't know why you wish to play detective here. Is there something to
gain from doing this?

It seems cloak and dagger like in nature to me.

Dustin Cook
Author of BugHunter - MalWare Removal Tool - v2.2c
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