Re: Ctrl+Alt+Del will not work and allow me to the log on screen?

Hi Peter,

I don't understand what it is that you are really saying. I was not
querieing why the eader was there. I spend most of my time in the Excel
NG's and it is not unusual for me to see people answering posts that I
cannot see but if I look in the Google archives they are there



"Peter Foldes" <okf22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

It is a left over from another post\Google groups


Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others
Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged.

"Sandy Mann" <sandymann2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
It is not unusual for Outlook Express to miss some posts. I've seen it
that this tends to happen when the servers are not busy, (which does not
make sense to me), or that it is synchronisation problems on the Microsoft
servers. I have never used OE on other newsgroups enough to know if it is
general or specific to Microsoft.



"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Dustin.

On my PC using OE6, the first reply showing in answer to
is from you.

I see no response from maxpro4u@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx until his detail
appears in the post from you.

No doubt there is a simple explanation for this. Help/advice welcome. TIA


Whilst here, can you suggest the best way to re-install Windows XP so as
not to lose all data?


"Dustin Cook" <spamfilterineffect.see.sig@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Can anyone here explain how this header appeared on Dustin's message

What's in a Name? <maxpro4u@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in



"Dustin Cook" <spamfilterineffect.see.sig@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:Xns9994DBFD11990HHI2948AJD832@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What's in a Name? <maxpro4u@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

On 8/20/2007 2:17 PM, THardy3@xxxxxxxxx after much thought,came up
with this jewel:
My Dell Laptop running XP SP2 was getting the blue screen but was
rebooting okay. This weekend I went to install and run Webroot
Spyware and anti-virus on it and it locked up halfway through the
install? When I reboot it gets to the "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to
begin" screen and then nothing happens. I checked the "F2" Set up
and "F12" Boot and ran all the diagnostics I could with no errors.
Does anyone know how to get around this or if there is an easy fix?

Do you still have the disks that came with your system? If so, a
format and reinstall will be an easy fix.


Ouch! :)

Hmm.. With a bit of effort, we might be able to save his box. LoL.

Dustin Cook
Author of BugHunter - MalWare Removal Tool - v2.2c
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I quoted him when I replied, and I didn't top post. :)

Dustin Cook
Author of BugHunter - MalWare Removal Tool - v2.2c
email: bughunter.dustin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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