Re: A new 'Beta' test from Panda

Do you realise, Dave, that it was because of replies like this that I was
determined to learn more about modern-day threats.. When I first started to
learn about computers they hadn't even invented the transistor - diodes were
as advanced then. Some of the computers I maintained were 100% mechanical
(worms, pinions and electric motors) whilst the others all used thermionic
valves. It is a BIG mistake to believe that just because someone has not
been playing in newsgroups that they have little or no intelligence,

I know *exactly* what I have been doing. YOU, on the other hand, have *not*
been staight-forward and honest. I asked you HOW you found me here - and you
completely ignored my question. Good people have absolutely nothing to fear
from me. Peter refuses at every stage to answer my questions. He is a big
boy (whoever he is) and would be, I'm sure, quite capable of standing up for
himself if he was honest and true (which, as you know, I doubt). No-one I've
ever met 'in the flesh' so to speak, has ever referred to the loss of my son
as 'frustrating' - the term used by Mr Foldes. That was a red rag to a bull.
You and I have absolutely no idea who this poster is ........ and no-one
else seems in the least bit concerned. Well I am - and will continue with
this 'crusading' (as you call it) until I am satisfied that nothing untoward
is happening on Annexcafe.

I thought I'd turned a corner after I'd trashed my suspected (infected) PC
and continued posting as 'beady'. I thought that I'd played by the rules but
then, suddenly, out of the blue, Li banned me again. When I asked why, I was
belittled and purported to be a fool. There is, whether you realise it or
not, something amiss. If there are people involved in malicious practices
*anywhere*, believe me, they /will/ be pursued!

As I've said already, this is *not* a game. It is in deadly earnest. So now
you know.


"Dave H" <spambox7@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is not a debate group, David.

I have been on many MS groups, and community for a long while.

What was meant was if you don't like what goes on, or the people, on
private servers, keep out of them.

Especially if they asked you to leave.

You are the intruder/virus/Trojan, with your "Crusading", attacking good

If you were better informed, what you do would be offensive, pretty sure
you will get ignored more.

Calling Peter a liar is rather strong, he was probably using some web tool
to trace your IP address when you were doing some annoying.

If that was wrong, call me a liar too.

Peter probably has a lot more patience than me, very quickly I am tiring
of reasoning and explaining things to you.

Dave H

"BoaterDave" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello Dave

I trust you haven't followed /me/ here! (were you actively seeking ME?)
Hundreds of MS groups aren't there - HOW /did/ you find me?

Perhaps your intentions are good and you are trying to help me BUT when
you say " Maybe if you don't understand the nature of things like this,
you should leave well alone?" .......... some might interpret that as a
veiled threat.

You may or may not know any background. This is /not/ a game. Peter
Foldes is a totally unknown quantity, and consistently fails to answer
simple, polite requests. That, of course, is his prerogative but it
leaves much room for doubt. Additionally, the 'Peter Foldes' who has
posted on the Annexcafe sites has told lies - he was adamant that I lived
in North America for starters. If you want more background, go here:

When I checked a few minutes ago, this item had been read 2383 times!
Whilst there really are bad guys around, I'm confident that there are far
more good and honest ones. The bad guys /will/ be caught! :)