Re: Scanning from a CD

On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 23:39:49 -0400, -_- <notvalid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
njustice wrote:

Odd, linked worked this morning and does now. Maybe the site was offline

The 'net's been flaky for a while here, as my cap was over limit for
March... but others were complaining too. Let's re-try...

"Sorry, page not found", i.e. it finds the domain, but not the file.

Download PublicAV folder self-extractor: PublicAV.exe 76 MB

which points to (munged a bit per group suggestion)

http://www dot yankeecomputerworks dot com\publicav.exe/

gives the not found.

Google( publicav.exe ) finds 3 refs, and this one...

....leads to it; I'm downloading it now (about 76M)

I'm curious to see what it is ;-)

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