Strange AVG behavior.

Hi all...

I'm waiting to hear back from Grisoft about this, but in the meantime, I
thought I would also post here and see if anyonelse using AVG 7.5 is having
the same or a similar thing going on.

As recently, as this week - after completing daily scheduled updates -
Update Manager is now requiring a reboot in order to "complete installation"
In the time I'd had AVG, I've never seen this happen.

An inspection of the Event Log in Admin Tools seems to verify AvgUpdSvc
starting normally, but its also noting a "FinishUpdate returns 8004020f "
item - for the last 4 days. Going back further in the Applications log to
the beginning of the month, Same items show, with normal termination of
Update Manager with no reboot.

I'm thinking a recent Priority update might of failed and in the process of
scanning for new updates, its also detecting this update hasn't completed
thus returning a " faulty update manager state " balloon in the taskbar.