Re: Error loading OS. Is this virus activity?

From: "Auds" <bk266378@xxxxxxxxx>

| This is the message that I am getting this morning having closed down last
| night without any signs of trouble. Mind you, the PC has locked up on me
| twice in the last week, both times when I returned to it after a lengthy
| period of idling. Consequently, I cannot even use F8 to get into Safe Mode
| or Last Good Configuration.
| This is a 2.8GHz PC with 512MB RAM. I have two 80GB hard disks, the first
| having Windows on C: and data on the D: partition. The second drive G: is a
| backup of D:.
| I tried using the XP Pro CD to repair the problem and was surprised to find
| that Recovery Console shows Windows drive D:, instead of C:, D: is shown as
| E: and G: is shown as C:.
| I ran chkdsk /p on each of the drives and they all showed fixes but only on'
| the first run.
| I then ran bootcfg /list, which said there was no data to show.
| When I tried bootcfg /scan, it said it could not complete possibly due to a
| corrupt system.
| I then looked at fixmbr and got the warning that this computer appears to
| have a non-standard or invalid master boot record. I also read on the
| Internet that fixmbr should not be used if there is the possibility of a
| virus in the system.
| This all sounds rather dire to me. Can anyone offer any reassurance?
| Thanks,
| brianf

I can reassure you this does NOT sound viral in nature.

Go to the hard disk manufacturer's web site and download their diagnostic software
respective to your hard disk. After the test, you will know if the hard disk is bad or

Quantum/Maxtor - PowerMax

Western Digital - Data LifeGuard Tools (DLGDiag)

Hitachi/IBM - Drive Fitness Test (DFT)

Seagate - SeaTools

Fujitsu - Diagnostic Tool

Samsung - Disk manager