Re: ntoskml.exe Problem

From: "Irwin Greenwald" <oiwin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Thanks for your reply. I am running the Sophos test now. I failed to
| mention that AVG reported that the following had been changed:
| Partition Table (MBR)
| In C:\Windows\System32:
| kernel32.dll
| shell32.dll
| ntoskrnl.exe
| I don't know how AVG detects changes, so I don't know how to interpret
| tese messages; however, I find the one about the Partition Table
| particularly disturbing. will report back on test results when I
| complete the tests.
| BTW is snipping approved or disapproved in this newsgroup?
| Irwin

AVG often reports changes to files after you install a MS HotFix. It does so by taking a CRC
value and recording it. If the value changes, the file has changed.

It is always good practice to snipp extraneous data form a reply.



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