Re: Suspicious E-Mail Messages

And if curiosity [which killed the cat] gets the better of
you, before opening any suspicious email, open Tools/options
and set your email to read all email as plain text. That
will stop scripts and HTML from running. Then check the
properties to see all the header material. You can copy the
routing headers and send it, along with the forwarded email
to abuse at the appropriate sites, including spam@xxxxxxx
and abuse@[ ]

"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in
message news:exvzUKyNHHA.1872@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
| From: "Barry" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
|| Hi
|| Recently i received 2 e-mail messages, the id was
possibly picked from
|| I generally do not open messages from unknow sources, but
in these cases i
|| did open them, the messages did not have any attachments
|| One message said "Your cv has been shortlisted" other one
had an even more
|| bizzare message "I have not stolen anything"
|| My question is, can such messages contain Viruses
|| TIA
|| Barry
| Phishers are using Monster. They may be Phishing emails.
| Without seeing the full body and headers of the email
messages, it is hard to tell.
| --
| Dave


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