Re: Problems with Multi-AV

From: "johngross" <johngross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| This was previously the last post in a topic I started in the wrong
| group. David Lipman suggested I use Multi-AV to clean some "leftovers"
| from a virus/adware/malware infection.
| I tried to test Multi-AV in normal mode on a Win98SE system.
| The results were as follows:
| McAfee reported an error:
| -----------
| File C:\AV-CLS\MCAFEE\RWABS16.DLL has failed its integrity check
| and no scan was performed.
| Kaspersky reported an error:
| ---------------
| Can't open avp.set. Do you want to insert diskette with this file?
| with buttons reading [ OK ] and [ Cancel ]
| Since I have no diskette with this file, I clicked on [Cancel], and no
| scan was performed.
| Trend reported some error, but so quickly I could not read it.
| --------
| There was no record of an error in the log(s), and no scan was
| performed.
| Sophos: I selected only the \windows folder to be scanned.
| -----------
| It completed in approx. 30 mins, and found no threats.
| Can David or anyone help me solve these problems?
| Regards,
| John Gross


Sorry you are having problems.

Please downloaded the latest version.

From the main menu try to download; Mcafee, Trend Sysclen and and Kaspersky again.

At the minimum, Sophos worked. If teh above continue to fail, you should scan the entire
system with Sophos.