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john9872 wrote:

Any suggestions as to what the probelm is and how to resolve it?

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "john9872" <john9872@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I'm guessing my laptop is infected with the sasser worm (or variant) as
| every time I try to turn it on I get the error message 'lsass.exe -
| system error Object Name not found'
| This happens before windows has loaded, so all I can do is click OK and
| my computer re-starts!
| Have tried starting in safe mode but the same thing happens.
| Any suggestions....
| Please...

Nope. This is not the result of a worm exploiting a vulnerability in the
LSASS module of the OS via TCP port 445.

With this error, there isn't usually too much you can do. Here's the normal
path I take when computers with this problem come into the shop

1. Retrieve data if client neglected to back it up. It is completely
possible to get data off the drive if it won't boot into Windows. Let me
know if you want details for that.

2. Do routine hardware diagnosis on the hard drive and the RAM to make sure
the hardware is sound.

3. Try a Repair Install. - Repair Install

4. In most cases, the Repair Install will not help and it is necessary to do
a Clean Install: - Clean Install How-To - What
you will need on-hand

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