Re: 12-16-06 Computer, WinXP, keeps shutting down

due to the fact that the virus is undetectable makes it harder to fix

your bios may be currupt but then how would the one week solution fix it? so
its not likely the bios

the virus needs a way to start when the computer does most common methods
include putting a registry key in the
which hold most of the start up keys to disable this try staring in
safe-mode ( while starting your computer repeatedly press F8 and when the
boot menu comes up chose safeboot ( with networking if wanted ) )

if this deosn't work tell us and try to give us ANY other details

Best Of Luck,
Brian M

"JWSM" <bungarribee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

About three weeks back, my computer started shutting down, after a min
two, regardless if it was being used or sitting idle, just after turning

There have been various warnings about overheating or the clock/date has
been reset after loading again.

Have an up to date version of Nortons running, and have downloaded a
of free virus programs (nothing was found) - but still it persists.

A brief respite was had when I reset the computer to an earlier time,
however, a week later it's back.

A Google search reveals some similar problems occurring, yet no fix




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