Re: Downloaded a virus HELP!!

Thank you Charlie, you're very kind! I have Windows XP and get automatic
updates as and when. I never use Outlook Express and instead use my Internet
Provider's email facility but I have noticed in the past few months strange
emails arriving which make no sense (I only opened the first couple that came
but deleted them straight away when I realised they were some sort of
spamming) so someone out there has my email address and is sending me
nonsense! How often do you think I should be doing scans for all the various
programmes I downloaded today (7!). My old Norton Anti Virus package did it
automatically and I didn't have to think about it and I'm beginning to think
I should have shelled out the money to save the hassle! Luckily today I had
the time to do these things but most days I don't have a minute. Anyway,
thank you again to all for the fabulous advice you have given me today. This
site is fantastic and I am very grateful for all the time you have taken to
help me with my problems! I still have to clean up my system but at least
I've installed all the necessary stuff to help prevent it happening again.

"Charlie Tame" wrote:

The main thing is not to panic and don't get to feeling you can't work
through it. You are nowhere near as "Clueless" as you think because you
express the problems very well and unlike some people you respond when
things either work or don't. If you were truly "Clueless" you probably
wouldn't even realize that there was a problem.

Everything suggested so far is reputable and if you have a recent OS like XP
the default settings are pretty safe anyway. Be very careful with mail
attachments, especially from a source you don't know, and consider setting
Outlook Express to read in plain text only. If nothing else that defeats a
lot of junk mail. Set Automatic updates to at least collect them ready for
install... and as David always suggests watch the Java you have installed.
At this point the Microsoft security stuff is okay but not complete and if
you use an instant message program tell us so we can offer advice on what to

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The main thing that worries me is the possibility of my personal details
being hacked into and identity theft. I could put up with the ads if they
were not harmful though they are annoying. I have just downloaded the
anti virus though it's not as easy to use as others as I can't work out
to do a full system scan. I have also just updated to latest version of
so I'm working through the easier bits of all your previous instructions
which has taken up most of the day! In idiot speak, what are the basics I
should install - I have Avira anti virus, windows firewall, spybot,
superantispyware, ad-aware personal already installed, is there anything

"Charlie Tame" wrote:

You haven't exactly been stupid, it looks like a reputable site, even
including a privacy policy which when missing is often a clue.

There are 3 issues you need to learn about. Viruses are malicious
designed to propagate or "Spread" themselves. Sometimes they carry other
things and do damage but the main function is to spread. Sometimes they
combined with what's called a Trojan (Horse) program as a payload.

Trojans do not usually have any automated propagation, instead they are
"Planted" by someone with access to your machine or by persuading you to
download them from a website or maybe as an email attachment or some
messenger. Trojans have some motive such as collecting your passwords and
sending them to a remote operator, or perhaps they give the remote user
control over your machine.

Although some bad software is a combination of the two, you see that they
are not the same. Anti Virus may not protect you from Trojans and Anti
Trojan will not protect you from virus. A firewall will most definitely
stop you getting infected by these things, but it may be useful in
preventing them from communicating with a remote operator or possibly
prevent some viruses from spreading. The most useful aspect of a software
firewall is that it can be set to warn you if something on your PC is
to connect to a remote operator so in the case of a password stealing
for example it might save your info although it will not get rid of the

The third nuisance is spyware / adware which is a commercial product
designed usually to monitor your activity and bombard you with ads they
think you will be interested in. For example if you visit Ford and
dealer websites they might send you car ads. I should ad that is only an
example, reputable companies like Ford and Chevy would steer clear of
crap. This kind of software behaves a lot like a Trojan in that it is
hidden in something else and can send information to other places. More
"Legitimate" versions may be used to "Pay" for free software but again
would be asked to install those versions.

No matter how much "Protection" you apply in the form of software you can
still get caught by new versions of these things, so your best protection
will always be your knowledge. Some of these things can be installed by
"Exploiting" vulnerabilities in the operating system or some other
so it is important to have the latest updates always installed.

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Oh my God, this is worse than I thought. I paid and downloaded from from a recommendation on another site for their
for money and ease of use (one of these comparison sites). My Norton
Virus etc had just run out and I was trying to find a cheaper version.
remove these from my system I am going to have nothing protecting the
so do you recommend I have a back up ready to install when I remove the
Shield. Going from what you have all said The Shield is not protecting
then but instead threatening me. I can't believe I've been so stupid.

"Panda_man" wrote:

"Clueless blonde" wrote:

I stupidly dowloaded Drive Cleaner which popped up on my computer
today. I
am absolutely clueless when it comes to computers and need to know
to do
next. I have the Shield Anti Virus and Firewall already installed


I just paid out for
Shield anti virus 2 weeks ago which I thought would have protected


What do you experts think? Please please help me!!!

Who did you pay for this pest *Shield Anti Virus* ?
Start by removing all of them from Add/Remove programs

Then -> click here

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