Re: A.V company - How they differentiate between true Trojan and n

Hey , calm down . I was just joking .

I didn't provide you with my professional opinion because Leythos already
advised you to contact the AV Company which is very true and correct advise .

And to finish , I have never been a programist/coder or whatever you call it
.. I am IT guy , not a programist :)

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"Laksa" wrote:

"Panda_man" <Pandaman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Leythos" wrote:

Contact the AV company yourself, submit your code, show them that your
code is not malicious, they will remove you if they believe you.

Or may be Laksa wrote a Trojan without even knowing it is real malware :)

This is not correct, as I illustrated, the different between malware/trojan
or application is
malware is doing something secretly, which user does not know , want or the
said intention of the application like trojan horse which open a TCP port
secretly and do some data transfer secretly WIHOUT USER KNOW this.
wherease, non-malware is something thate serve it purpose as inteded, user
WELL-AWARE of what the program do, for eg, the user well know of the the
program will make a Internet connection to outside server, indeed the user
themself need to configure the Interntet connection themself.

Just ask yourself a question, if you are developer, your customer required
you wrote a program to upload file to their HQ server by using TCPIP
network, but somehow, a copy or your program have been received by some AV
company that detected your program do network call and without going to
understand what the program intended to, but instead just add it to 'trojan'
list there have and claim the credit there are the 'first' in market that
discovered the market over their competitor.... what a shame is this...

As the title, my question is "How A.V company - differentiate between true
Trojan and networked application ?" or be they care at all ?

Well, if any case, the program is trojan, I'm already in jail instead of
writing to your know..

Unfortunately, most of the ordinary user, non professional or
semi-professional did not understand the issue.

P/S: I 'm talking about something on an commercial Internet
surveillance/smarthome application opening an Internet connection which is
their INTENDED PURPOSE and user is WLL-KNOW of that but is thrated as
'trojan' because of it called an network API.... not the torjan that
published as "free" download like toolbar help but secretly openning a
connection to allow hacker access your PC or sent which site you have
visited to them WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, which I, as your hate much also.

Appreciate any feedback from any innocent software developer, please state
your profession when replying. (to ensure fair and not bias view from some
interested party).


Seriously , you need to contact the companies and ask them remove the