Also I suggest you dump freeware and buy a good virus scanner. The one I use
is from Trend Micro and has the best track record in finding a virus before
it has gone wild.
"kennewickrockerguy" <kennewickrockerguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I downloaded the free version of avg awhile ago and am looking to upgrade
i have a problem, while i was at work my son deleted avg completely and
uninstalled it as well so he could download something on limewire.
he downloaded had a virus in it and now i cant ctrl+alt+del and pull up my
task manager (i use xp home w/ service pack 2) if i right click on the
taskbar abd select taskmanager it never comes up, if i search for it it
not appear. if i go to , it pulls up the ie window for about 2
seconds and closes itself. limewire also automatically restarted every
time i closed it so i have deleted it. i tried to go onto a virus forum
my computer and i have found that not only does grisoft get auto-closed
all virus support sites as well. I even went to a site that sells pepper
spray and security supplies and the same results, but yahoo and myspace
the like work. I had my friend do a file transfer from her computer to
on yahoo im for the installation program for avg and i can not open that
either. also i am getting random popups in a forgien language. When i open
"my computer" there are 2 html applications i do not recognize one called
"estigma" and another called "onoes" (i think that is how the second one
spelled) i tried to format my hard drive but when i open cmd it says the
following "c:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe" (title bar) "Another program is
currently using this file." (message field) even immediately after
my computer i ge this error message. I have tried to do a system restore
it says failed everytime i have tried. And now my firefox is not working
the task manager Please tell me my brand new (barely out of warranty)
computer is not doomed.