Re: Multi-Vendor Command Line Utility - Error Message.

Thanks, Dave.
Followed your instructions, executed Multi_AV.exe using the default folder
C:\AV-CLS, unzipped 22 files successfully which upgraded the Multi AV
Scanning to v4.05.
I then downloaded the latest updates for all four (4) scanning tools in the
following order: McAfee, Sophos, Kaspersky, Trend.
Rebooted; no problems with 'prompts' for Sophos, Kaspersky and Trend. But no
luck with 'prompt' for McAfee - the same error message appeared again.
I checked the name on the SuperDAT Stub and found that it has not changed
from 'oldsetup.exe' to 'setup.exe'. So I manually renamed the SuperDAT Stub
'setup.exe which then enabled me to get the McAfee prompt :) I then exited
the Multi AV Scanning Tool Menu (pressing #5), closed and re-opened
C:\AV-CLS, and opened the McAfee folder - the SuperDAT Stub re-named itself
again to 'oldsetup.exe' :(
I 'dragged' the SuperDat Stub from the folder to my desktop, re-named it and
dragged it back, but this didn't work either; After closing an re-opening
the folder the SuperDAT stub re-named itself again to 'oldsetup.exe'.
Grateful for another suggestion to overcome this challenge.