Re: Boot Sector virus

Thanks and I'm sorry to all of you for taking your time. I have installed
Acronis True Image 9. One of its option is Acronis Startup Recovery Manager
which I activated. Just now I founded in the manual as follow:
"When Acronis Startup Recovery manager is activated, it overwrites the
master boot record (MBR) with its own boot code. If you have any
third-party boot managers installed, you will have to reactivate them after
activating the Startup Recovery Manager."
So I reactivated. It was VIA RAID driver that system was looking for (F6
key during repair)
Marek Kalisz

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Marek Kalisz wrote:

Recently during booting I discovered a momentary message: MBR Error 2.

First of all try repairing the MBR from the recovery console:


This will repair the MBR.

Yes... as long as you don't need a non-standard MBR to live...

YOu can also use FIXBOOT first, so that you ensure the MBR is actually
erased and rewritten.

No, that's not what FixBoot does.

MBR = Master Boot Record, which is system- rather than OS-level code
(i.e. it's an extension of the BIOS, rather than part of any OS). It
contains the partition table, and is expected to locate an active
primary partition and jump into it to start that OS.

PBR = Partition Boot Record, which is the start of the OS. It is
this, not the MBR, that FixBoot will rebuild.

MBR should be the same for a given system, irrespective of what OS you
use. Most systems use standard MBR code, but some may not - e.g. boot
managers, code that replaces capacity-limited BIOS HD code, etc.

PBR should be the same for a given OS, irrespective of the system,
save for some data values. The PBR for NT-based OSs will look for and
load NTLDR from FATxx or NTFS; the PBR for DOS and Win9x will look for
and load IO.SYS from the FATxx file systems it can understand.

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