Re: What Is Crypt32.dll?

You're an ignorant little s**t aren't you !
....if you read David H Lipmans post carefully, you would have found it
helpful !

"johny why" suggests that you originate from a country where each member of
the poulation is given a charisma by-pass operation at birth. i.e. no sense
of humour !

regards, Richard

"johny why" <johnywhy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
both ARE named crypt32.dll. is the crypt32chain a registry key? this was
found by Spybot under "System Startup", along with something called

Located: System.ini, crypt32chain
command: crypt32.dll
file: crypt32.dll

Located: System.ini, cryptnet
command: cryptnet.dll
file: cryptnet.dll

david lipman, please dont bother replying. i can do without your abusive
attitude, especially if you're not able to provide an answer.


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