Re: Is Plain Text email 100% safe?

<*(((>< wrote:
I've started using my old Agent Newsreader as my email application, in
part because it's easy for me to configure the fonts so that I can
always see them and read the mail. It also has a nice "Keep" feature
so that important messages never get accidentally deleted.

All html, pictures, attachments, etc are shown at the bottom of the
message in an icon format. If I want to look at them, I can choose
whethr to launch the attachment or not.

My AVG scans all incoming messages.

I am under the impression that malware cannot be transmitted by plain
text. I'm also getting ready to open a professional office in the
next year or so, and want to have my computers as safe as possible.

QUESTION: Does this kind of a plain-text email program give me 100%
protection against malware in email?

Awaiting your responses with baited breath, I remain, yours truly,


There can be no virus in the body of a plain text email, but the attachments might still be infected, if they're in some format other than plain text.


Bruce Chambers

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