Re: Advice Sought re Norton Replacements

Dick K wrote:

Many thanks for confirming the good impression I've gathered
of NOD32.

I'm interested in your experiences with Process Guard. I'd
like to run it but I've found that it conflicts with NAV.
Presumably you didn't encounter such a problem with regard
to NOD32? Also I'd like to ask why you found it irritating?
I'd have thought that it wouldn't be particularly intrusive
once it was "trained".

No, Process Guard did not conflict with NOD32 at all. I frequently make images (using Acronis True Image 9) so I can test software and remove all traces by simply restoring an image. If my system were more static, Process Guard would have been fine. So I guess it's not the software, so much as how I use my system. In fact, I may revert to Process Guard if I dispense entirely with Spy Sweeper.

Last night I was unable to update Nero 7, as it claimed a file was corrupted. I scanned for viruses via Windows and in safe mode (w/o networking) and of course, found nothing. When I attempted to scan in safe mode with Spy Sweeper 4.5.9, it said that the program was damaged and I should reinstall. Problem is, I only have 4.5.10, which won't install on my system! So I scanned with Adaware & SpyBot, and of course, my system was clean. I removed Spy Sweeper using their SSEClean util (twice), as it didn't clean completely the first time. Since I'd made an image before trying to update Nero 7, I tried out the Spy Sweeper 5.07.1608 after cleaning and optimizing the registry. (That is, after I'd gotten Nero 7 updated and a new image made. The new Spy Sweeper seems to be running well, even with the Keylogger shield, and it's not using a tremendous amount of resources. A scan in Windows shows everything clean. (I have not tried to scan in safe mode yet, as scanning takes quite a while on my system, since it's got a number of hard disks.)

Anyway, that's the story. I used Process Guard for quite a while and found it worth every penny.

Hope this helps,