Re: Advice Sought re Norton Replacements

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I've used NOD32 for several years. I just replaced my Dad's copy of Panda Titanium with NOD32, and regained over 200MB of RAM, which makes his 3.0GHz Pentium much faster, like it should be. Panda sucked so many resources, the machine functioned as a slug. Updates with NOD32 are transparent and frequent, as much as several times a day. Worth every penny. Although I used ZoneAlarm in its early days, I can't comment on it now. I'm using a hardware router with the Windows XP firewall, as I dislike outgoing prompts. Currently I'm using Webroot's SpySweeper 4.5 (5.0 reportedly has problems as uses a very large amount of resources), so I may be doing away with that and looking for a more comprehensive firewall myself.

My 2 cents.



Your post is a little confusing at the end. If you are getting rid of SpySweeper you will still want an anti-spyware program like Adaware SE to protect yourself.

Oh, I still use Adaware SE, SpyBot, Spyware Blaster, CCleaner Slim, etc. I just got Spy Sweeper so I would have some resident protection against rootkits. I'd been using DC's Process Guard, which had gotten a bit annoying. NOD32 does provide some protection against spyware, too.


Many thanks for confirming the good impression I've gathered
of NOD32.

I'm interested in your experiences with Process Guard. I'd
like to run it but I've found that it conflicts with NAV.
Presumably you didn't encounter such a problem with regard
to NOD32? Also I'd like to ask why you found it irritating?
I'd have thought that it wouldn't be particularly intrusive
once it was "trained".