Advice Sought re Norton Replacements

I run XP Home SP2, ADSL, NAV 2004 and NPF 2004. Symantec
subscription renewal time is coming round and, though
Norton has done a reasonable job for me over the years,
I'm considering alternatives. My reasons are twofold -
I'm mindful of the low esteem in which NAV and NPF are
held in Newsgroups like this one and recently Live
Update has caused me some irritating problems.

After admittedly superficial research I've formed the
view that NOD32 and ZoneAlarm Pro look like reasonable
alternative choices of paid anti-virus and firewall
software. One can argue endlessly about "best" choices
but I would be grateful for reassurance that NOD32 and
ZoneAlarm Pro would be sensible selections. Would they,
in combination, have any significant disadvantages and,
if so, where else should I be looking?

Also I'd like to ask whether I'm likely to be able
successfully to remove Norton from my system? I
recall seeing threads in which people reported that
Symantec's removal tool didn't work. In my case,
while I was fiddling with Live Update, I found that
NAV would apparently uninstall successfully from
Control Panel but reinstallation failed with some
unhelpful message of the "has encountered a problem"
variety. That may not be relevant and I didn't
pursue the matter but it doesn't bode well.

Thank you in advance for any advice or comments.