Re: XP's Firewall

It must have been her computer, because mine is the free version 6.5.731.000
and I don't have that problem. My computer is a new laptop, night have
something to do with it. Interesting . . .

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I see !

Well, I recently downloaded ZA version zlsSetup_65_731_000_en.exe and
installed it on my Aunties PC, and had to go back two or three weeks later
and remove it and install version zlsSetup_61_744_001_en.exe. So perhaps
it was something unique in her software mix but, I have read other people
commenting about this annoying developement in ZA free 6.5*
Perhaps you bought ZA, or were just lucky, ...or installed an older
version ?

regards, Richard

If it ain't broke, don't fix it !

"Phyllis" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Sorry, I guess I am still missing something because I just installed Zone
Alarms a couple of days ago and I can change my IE6's home page to
anything I want to without problem. That is why I didn't understand what
you were talking about by locking the home page.

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
..set your IE6 home page to what you want. A recent version of ZA
"locked" the IE6 home page i.e. one couldn't set IE6's Home Page to
anything other than what it was set to after installing that "newer"
version of ZA firewall, and there is no way of undoing that "lock,"
...or nuisance - call it what you will, unless you uninstall ZA and
install an older version of ZA, or pay for the full version where I
understand there is a setting to change that restriction / facility /
nuisance, (in ZA).

regards, Richard

"Phyllis" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What do you mean lock / unlock IE6's home page?

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
..seeing as Zonalarm has been mentioned here several times on this
thread, including myself, should be pointed out that recent
versions of Zonealarm lock IE's Home page, and you don't get the
facility to unlock it in the free version of Zonealarams firewall. A
nasty little trick to get you to buy the paid version I suppose.
Having said that, the paid version is superb - a few people I know
have bought it. I had to visit my Aunty to uninstall a recent
versioned ZA free firewall I'd installed, and install a slightly older
zlsSetup_61_744_001_en.exe version, in order to unlock IE6's Home

regards, Richard

"B.W." <bwaller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (del xxx)> wrote in message
Did the Firewall with XP improve with SP2?

Is it still not considered good enough to use? Would it be best to
use a third party free programme?

Thanks You for any help.



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