Re: XP's Firewall

.....changed my mind about
....he waits until the end of his article to explain that switching off
services that "breaks" something, could be, (in as many words), difficult to
fix !!

regards, Richard

"RJK" <notatospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
news:e3V3QPIyGHA.2168@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx contains some very good information pertinent to some
of the points discussed on this burgeoning thread.
...and lower down someone had the audacity to suggest that BlackIce
Defender is a "good" firewall. ROFL !
...and even further down one or two people suggested that manually
controlling Windows Services is a solution ! WHO, may I ask, other than
gifted system administrators, (very, VERY, RARE beings), have got the time
and expertise to wade through all that ?
...appears interesting.

Ages ago I tried working through services to turn off what I "didn't
need," and ended up with a crippled PC, and had to put it back to how it
was before I started tweaking !

regards, Richard

"B.W." <bwaller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (del xxx)> wrote in message
Did the Firewall with XP improve with SP2?

Is it still not considered good enough to use? Would it be best to use a
third party free programme?

Thanks You for any help.



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