Re: XP's Firewall

From: "Leythos" <void@xxxxxxxxxxx>

| In article <0gbqe2htv762iuip0kmd2pu21ngrck3ust@xxxxxxx>,
| b__nice@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
For the last time: Windows and other perssonal "firewalls" are pretty
equal on inbound protection.
| Wrong - Windows Firewall allows applications to directly enter
| exceptions without the users known permission. I've seen AOL software
| modify Windows XP Firewall exceptions without any clear indication to
| the user.
| I've not seen AOL Software install exceptions in ZAP rules without the
| user understanding that a change was being made.

That's correct Leythos. There is malware out there that can make the WinXP FireWall allow
it free in/out access to the internet.

I don't have their names handy but if pressed, I can research them and provide their names.