Re: XP's Firewall

....speaking of firewalls, I discovered yesterday that an old friend of mine,
months ago removed his Norton internet security software, because he
couldn't get to grips with tweaking it to get some web sites to work, and
installed AVG, and he's been using his PC like this for weeks, if not
months. i.e. with NO firewall at all - Windows XP Home ed. SP2 firewall
switched off.
I've given him a severe lecture, and thoroughly explained to him that AVG
free edition is and anti-virus program and, explained to him what a firewall
program does, and that by removing Norton, he's got NO FIREWALL !!!.

So I've told him to not connect to the web until he gets the cd-r I'm about
to prepare and post to him with your multi-av and some other goodies on it
and some instructions.

It will be interesting to see the logs from the command line scanners !!!

regards, Richard

"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in message
From: "B.W." <bwaller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (del xxx)>

| Did the Firewall with XP improve with SP2?
| Is it still not considered good enough to use? Would it be best to use
| third party free programme?
| Thanks You for any help.
| B.W.

Yes. It was greatly improved. However it is NOT a full FireWall
application. A third
party FireWall application from; Comodo, BlackIce, ZoneLabs and Kerio (to
name a few) are
far better.