Re: Firewall disabled, IE blank page - Virus, Trojan?

Hi Malke,

thanks for your reply. The page you linked to is very comprehensive
indeed! I am not worried about going through a lengthy procedure, it
does bore me stupid though and i think malware, adware and virus
developers shuld get stiff jail sentences in the nastiest jails the
world has to offer, but rant over, here is some news on this topic.

I started to get this message after booting:

Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\NEWDOT~1\NEWDOT~2.DLL
The system cannot find the path specified.

I then remembered that I had found this file and some associated
uninstall files in the above mentioned directory. The associated files
seemed to be almost identical uninstall.exe files for the NewDot
adware. Upon running one of these uninstalls I got warnings from Avast
that an infection had been found. I guess that I forgot these details
in the frustraing panic that always occurs after your PC stops working!

Anyway, I have found some procedures involving repairing the winsock
stack which I will try out this evening.

Newdot.dll seems to date from at least 2002 so it surprised me that I
didn't find more posts refering to it. However here are the most useful
ones that I found in case somebody has a similar problem to mine:

Forum thread to guide:
Another forum thread
Removal procedure:
Necessary tool:
Background on the why?
Possible secondary candidate: